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A monthly newsletter that aims to reimagine the women that were intentionally erased, minimized, and/or villainized throughout the Middle Ages. History has been male-centric for far too long, and this space seeks to change that while remaining conscious that men are also harmed within patriarchal social structures. It is not women vs. men, it is all of us vs. the patriarchy.

Travel with me to the Middle Ages through a trauma-informed, anti-patriarchal lens.

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A matriarchy is for community

The basis of matriarchal societies is the uplifting of communities over isolation. Please know your thoughts are welcome in the comment section, they will be met with empathy and excitement, always. I just ask that you keep in mind that I too am human and harmful words can impact even the strongest among us. Let’s be kind to each other.

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Here we'll explore how feminism and misogyny come into play in 15th century Europe. No longer will the women of the Middle Ages be erased, minimized, or villainized.


Feminism isn't new, just the language frameworks around it are. History, by and large, has been written by men, for men, to promote adherence to the patriarchy. It's time to disrupt that.